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Terawan Tech is dedicated to research, develop, manufacture and markets a diverse portfolio of high-performance test equipment and Auto-alignment system for various optical engine, optical transceiver manufacture and R&D center. The equipment portfolio include 6channel 1~12G BERT system, 10~100G optical electric BERT system, HDMI BER Tester, 4 channel VOA system, 2channel 1:4 optical Switch system, 10G/40G/25G/100G AOC test platform, optical transceiver test system, Temperature Control system and COB alignment system, optical transceiver design solution and 4channel SOA system.

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  • Tel: 86-755-32843656

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  • Email: Sales@terawan.com

  • Add: Hi-tech Park High-tech Office 312 longgang Shenzhen China

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Company: Shenzhen Terawan Tech.,co.LTD

Contact: luyuanyuan

Tel: 86-755-32843656

Phone: 15817448677

E-mail: Sales@terawan.com

Address: Hi-tech Park High-tech Office 312 longgang Shenzhen China